We hear it will be September 18-21 at Milo McIver Park southeast of Portland. Info below is from past ORCYPAAs

What is ORCYPAA?

The Oregon Regional Conference of Young People in AA. The annual campout is our yearly way of getting together for fun and to share information.

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Who can attend?

It's meant for those in Recovery. We don't have a lot of issues about how you label yourself. No, there is no age requirement. "Young at heart" is the regular qualification. Somewhere between 12 and 90 years old usually fits the bill.

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Meetings, games, late night energy drink babbling, flirting, etc Panels. speaker meetings, etc.

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Pre-registration helps a lot. Only $15 for the camping site, Saturday breakfast and Saturday night dinner. Don't know about Sunday yet. Yes, you need to figure out the rest. If you need help with camp gear, let us know.

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Location: Milo McIver State Park

24101 S Entrance Rd

Estacada, OR 97023

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Park link

Campground info

Universal Access
One campsite is accessible to campers with disabilities.

No info yet on registration

Pre-registration is important so we know how many people are coming and if we need to incorporate plan B, which we don't currently have.


Kids are welcome if they are tame and not disruptive. This isn't a family event, per se, but a chance to meet and talk with other people in recovery.There will be an onsite babysitter during meetings and other special times.

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What can you do?

You can print and post flyers from the registration link and bring your best game. Organize rides and share equipment and food. Bring STD screening results.

If your home group wants to host a hospitality session, let us know. games and snacks or other activity.

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What to bring?

Some suggestions on what you will need for the weekend.

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We do some you do some. Details to come.